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Sprinkler Services Offered:

  • Sprinkler Startups - Turning water on, activating the system, checking for leaks, adjusting heads & setting timer.  Repairs extra.

  • Sprinkler Repairs - From backflows to heads to leaks to timers - we repair any and all components of the sprinkler system.
  • Sprinkler Tune-ups - Adjustments to coverage, re-setting settled heads, tweaking the system
  • Sprinkler Remodeling - We can handle all issues from large to small.  Whether you're moving one sprinkler head or you're putting in a new deck, patio or pool, we can move it, add to it and otherwise change it for you.
  • Sprinkler Troubleshooting - Something is wrong but you just aren't sure what.  Our experts can help.  We have seen thousands of different kinds of systems over the years and this has proven valuable in pinpointing the issues and fixing them.
  • Sprinkler Winterization - We shut off the water, blow out the lines outside as well as the line to the shutoff, turn off the clock and leave you with peace of mind for the winter.

Lawn Services

Lawn Services Include:

 • Double Pass Aeration is the best way to promote a healthy lawn.  This is accomplished by overlapping lanes 50% on each pass in order to obtain 100% more plugs than a typical aeration.  This is best done twice a year in March/April/May, and September/October.

Fertilization - We use a high grade slow release fertilizer in order to promote growth and create a healthy lawn.  This can be done ala carte, and we often lay down fertilizer for customers while we are on location doing sprinkler work and/or an aeration.

Weed Control Program - This program is designed to take the guess work out of things for the customer.  We do all the work of mixing and spraying the weeds for you as well as fertilizing the lawn.  This is a 6 application program and is sold as such.  Weed control is a maintenance issue as there are effective times throughout the season to control them.  Some germinate early and others germinate later, thus it is not a one shot deal.  The other benefit to this program is that most of the time we are spot spraying in order to cut down on the amount of herbicide we are exposing to the lawn and other living things.  (Note: There are cases where herbicide may need to be broadcast spread in order to begin the program of weed control because of neglect or a lawn overrun with weeds.  These will incur additional costs for those specific applications.)

Lawn Rejuvenation/Overseeding - This is sometimes needed to increase the health of a lawn that has thinned out, or has been damaged by mites.  Bare spots and thin areas are overseeded and also aerated to promote the growth of the new seed.